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Conveniently located in Lehi, Utah

Contact for complete address


Contact us by voice or text at (801) 503-0788 or send us an email at

Costs and Laws

Loving Arms Guns charges just $15 for an FFL Transfer regardless if it is a pistol, rifle, shotgun or receiver.  The $15 is per firearm transferred.  For background check fee for those who do not own a Utah Concealed Carry Permit will be more. 
It is up to you to know if you are eligible to own a firearm. By law, we sell long arms to any persons 18 years and older of any states residence as long as you can legally own that firearm in your state. We sell pistols and receivers to Utah residents over the age of 21.
At this time we refer all Class 3 Item transfers to Anarchy Outdoors. For those type of transfers please contact Calvin at, he is able to run those for you.

Scheduling Pick Up

BCI runs all background checks and CCP checks in the state of Utah.  They are open from 9am-7pm. We do all transfers by appointment, and generally designate weekdays 5-7pm for transfers. If this time does not work for you we would be happy to find a time that works well for you. Our whole model is based on efficiency and that allows us to keep the costs very low; we ask for your understanding with any delays in availability for transfers.  


Loving Arms Guns is happy to store your firearms. We store for $3 per day, charged 1 week at a time. There is a 75% discount for prepaid fees.  If we receive a firearm for transfer and it is not disposed 30 days from the date we received it, it will automatically be put in storage. Firearms left without notification of intentions can be considered abandoned after 30 days without contact.  Abandoned firearms will be sold to cover owed fees when the amount owed is greater than 51% of the dealer price or the lowest offered price of the firearm.  It is not our responsibility to notify you of the sale of abandoned firearms, although we will do our best to reach out long before this happens.

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